We provide project oriented consulting services to companies interested in developing their IT infrastructure to increase technical efficiency.

Before we make any solution sugges-tions we work closely with our clients to analyze the particular technological needs of their business, within their over all business goals. Then we compare those needs to our suite of services to develop strategic initiatives to meet company goals.

Projects are then implemented to rollout and manage the best technol-ogy suited to meeting those goals.
RB Works understands that 24/7 support is especially important to our clients. They need the peace of mind that help is available when they are working, not when the next call center opens tomorrow.

In the event of a technological "crisis," they need a quick and responsible solution. This is especially true of smaller companies who do not have full time IT support. "Shopping around" for technical support during a crisis may potentially jeopardize business productivity. RB Works offers reliability and assurance at an affordable price. Additionally, we can supplemental services for companies with existing IT support to complement their coverage for needs that arise after hours.
Our highly qualified staff is available for on-site tutorials and workshops for various hardware and software tech-nologies.

Additionally, we can help your staff develop business strategies to help best utilize the technology to gain competitive advantages in our clients industries.
The main goal of our IT Help Desk is to provide immediate technological support to companies that have neither the human resources nor the capital to employ their own full-time in-house IT staff.

There are no confusing phone menus to wade through and no endless hours wasted on hold. Contacting us via phone or our web desk interface is quick and easy. We offer our clients a combination of both on-site and remote access support to meet their business needs. Problems are resolved and your employees are working again with minimal interference.

As a result, RB Works saves its clients time, money and resources by serving as an extension of their company.
Of all the services in the RB Works support suite the remote agent does the most to streamline and maximize technology infrastructure. Via the agent, RB Works technicians can run virus updates, patch and fix software systems, configure settings and networks, add/remove users, run monthly system diagnostics, configure security settings, basically do all the things a full in-house IT staff can do.

The difference? We do it all without ever having to set foot inside the client's office. Problems are often perceived, intercepted and resolved without the client ever being aware or effected. Thanks to the capabilities of our remote agent the interruption to the office environment is effectively zero. Technicians monitor networks and systems and provide each client with a month end report, advising of steps taken, issues resolved, and any potential hardware/software conflicts in the future.

Our remote agent is the next generation of IT support staff for the small-medium sized business.
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