Disasters may be the result of natural causes, terrorist activities, computer/internet crimes, computer viruses, power failures, network/telecommunication failures, or simple human error. Whatever the cause all disasters have one thing in common, they are beyond your control. Hence, any disaster has the potential to seriously impede or eliminate normal business operations and will most definitely cause many unnecessary complications.

While a disaster may be an event beyond your control, disasters do not have to devastate your business. With proper planning you can prevent, and recover from, a disaster. Proper planning starts with a Disaster Recovery Plan; without one data loss and business operations become highly vulnerable and at serious risk of being damaged, irretrievable or compromised.

RB Works helps clients be prepared to react to potential disastrous events, and preparation helps to minimize their ominous effects. We ensure the confidentiality, security and integrity of all our client's data, as well as organize and ensure business continuity strategies are in place and ready for implementation should the need arise.

As part of building a Disaster Recovery Plan we help your organization identify potential risks and threats that could lead to potential loss or exposure. Once these keys threats are identified a plan is constructed to:

Identify critical components (data)
Evaluate business impact
Implement business continuity strategies
Develop and implement plan
Train employees
Test plan
Reevaluate, update, test and revise plan (quarterly)
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